White Beanie

20150118 9:58
FannyLyckman-WhiteBeanie1 FannyLyckman-WhiteBeanie2 FannyLyckman-WhiteBeanie3

Snapshots from the first day in LA. Realized as a brunette that the white, and grey beanie looks so much better! Black looks good on everybody of course but it doesn’t pop as much in the brown as in the blonde. Bought this one in LA at Fairfax. Don’t remember the name of the store but there is allot of cool stores there so if your ever around you should swing by! Xx

Hermès Paris

20150116 14:19

One of my beautiful christmas gifts! Wanted this bracelet for a long time! Works with everything and in my favorite colors of course! And thats not all! Just wait for the next thing I’ll show you. Thats even better!

Yeah baby, I got the best boyfriend ever! ;) <3

Morning light

20150113 14:49

Ripped jeans from River Island (ad-link for similar HERE) / Bag from Janni Deler for KL Sweden (HERE)

Working from home today. The jetlag is a fact but I went up early anyway, trying my best to fight it! Just realized that I haven’t showed you my christmas gifts yet!! Even got a gift for my self, of the best kind of course ;) So exited to show you guys! Need to get on that asap! Xx