Light grey overknee

20150129 0:16

Furvest from Passport / Blouse from Selected femme / Shorts from LA  / Bag from Prada / Overknee boots from Mai Piu Senza / Watch from Softesh / Chain bracelet from Oxxo / Black and gold bracelet from Hermes

Fashion week day 3! Been working with Zalando this 3 days picking out some of my favorites from their website, and as you can see on the links I wear a lot of it today as well! It’s been amazing to have that extra closet now when my other clothes are in boxes and un up-packed suitcases. Did I even tell you that I both a new apartment with my boyfriend? Got so much in my head that I’m not even sure what I have, and haven’t told you yet. Been up since 07. am (again) working all day with both fashion week, shooting a little video for you guys and finishing up some designs that I’ll sent out in the end of this week! It’s really starting to happened now! It’s so amazing and soon I’ll let you in on the ride on the journey of my new clothing line! Can’t wait! Xx

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  1. Dixi Wonderland on

    ÄNTLIGEN! Som jag väntat på att du ska släppa din egna kollektion sen du gick ut med de nyheterna för såååå många månader sedan! Och stort Grattis till nya lägenheten :D Hoppas du visar lite sneakpeaks :) Finaste Fanny!

  2. fabienne on

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh i am sooooo sooooo happy and excited to hear that its starting to happen. yaaay i have been waiting and i know your clothes will be other-worldly dope! and no, you didnt told us that you are moving and bought and apartment. thats soo cool, congratulations!!! hope you will share some interior pics with us :) you must be stressed as much things going on a the same time. thanks for taking time to blog!!! <3

    and your outfit is soooo beautiful, the boots are everything! gosh they are so pretty! i think this is my fav look from this days… ah i loved them all. and i dont know how you do this; looking flawless as hell even though you standing up so early and are stressed. i would look like a walking dead :D hugs <3

    • Ebony on

      I liked the first one better I think – here the rust seems TOO vivid – the effect I get sometimes if I photoshop a picture and make it “more colourful” – but this is a bit of a “snap” judgement as I haven’t spent a LOT of time examinging the pics and I’m haeapcdipnd when it comes to seeing tones of red – to someone with normal vision the second is probably perfect.

  3. Elin on

    Bär man nyproducerad päls är man dum i huvet! jag trodde verkligen inte dehär om dig… Helt fucking jävla hemskt.

    • frida on

      håller helt med! hatar pälsindustrin så jäkla mycket, meeen kollade på sidan och den hon länkade var som tur var 100% polyester


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