Merry Christmas

20141224 21:36

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas so far!! I got the best gifts from my wonderful boyfriend, and I’m so exited to show you guys later! But now, lets enjoy the rest of the evening! Merry Chrismas!!! Xx


20141223 15:27

If you missed my tutorial with GHD, “Have to get messy waves”, you’ll find it below!

Hope you’ll like it! Xx


Septum – New Obsession

20141221 16:42

I got this new obsession of septum rings! Need to get one asap. I’ve seen Rihanna in it a couple of times and didn’t really lay any though on it, until a couple of months ago when I saw this girl! Do you know any good places where you can get one? Search all over Morocco, but without any luck, so if you got any tips, let me know! Speaking of rings! I got the most awesome nails done yesterday with a piercing through the nail. Yes! Pretty sick nailswag! ;) Check it out at @fannylyckman, and let me know what you think! Xx