Happy New Years!!!

20141231 21:19

Recap from this amazing year! When I look back I realize that I’ve learned and experienced aloooot this year! I’ve been traveling more then any other year. Lanzarote, London, Barcelona, LA, San Fransisco, Vegas, France, New York twice, Morocco and now back in LA! What a year! I’ve also had a really good year carrer wise. I’ve done reality tv, shopping-event with H&M, doing a promotion tour with my nailpolish for NCLA, doing lectures for hundreds of people about being a young entrepreneur in the fashion industri, shooting for covers, doing collaborations with big brands like SAS, Bikbok and Glitter.

I really made a big step this year in to the real adult life. Maybe it sounds wierd to you, since I’ve been leagally adult for 4 years, but growing up is not about age. Its about experience and commitment. I’ve learned so much about myself, my work and my ambitions, so I really looking forward to use it all in an even greater 2015!

Enjoy your night and Happy New years!! <3

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  1. mark on

    i love reading posts like this! i love how the look back can inspire the look forward! may your NYE be a wonderful night filled with fun and excitement and may the new year be as good or better than the last one! :)

  2. fabienne on

    “I’ve learned so much about myself, my work and my ambitions, so I really looking forward to use it all in an even greater 2015!” talking about an inspiring woman !!! wow i love the way you think, that you can use everything u learned to greate something greater. i am more than happy for you, that your year was so successful and i wish you even more success for the next year. you deserve everything you wish, may you have a very very happy, loveful, heathy, successful and amazing new year with lots of travels and opportunities. i love you soo soo much and you are such an ispiration for me! Thank your for your amazing blog year, thank you for posting more and beeing more open to us. you will be my favourite woman for ever! Most beautiful woman i have ever seen. and now i hope you will be celebrating like theres no tomorrow just like i know you :D <3 <3 <3 have a amazing night in FUCKING DOPE LA!!!! love from germany!


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