20141229 18:28
FannyLyckman-downtownPS1FannyLyckman-LAPS1 FannyLyckman-downtownPS7FannyLyckmanLA3-2FannyLyckman-LAPS2FannyLyckman-LA-roadtrip16FannyLyckman-FleamarketPS-5FannyLyckman-LA-roadtrip15FannyLyckman-roads4FannyLyckman-Birthday-part2FannyLyckman-LA-roadtrip17 FannyLyckman-LA-roadtrip5 FannyLyckman-LA-roadtrip14 FannyLyckmanLA3-RbrikFannyLyckman-LA-roadtrip4

Snaps for my last visit in LA.

This city is so amazing! The atmosphere the people, the food. Everything! Landed yesterday at LAX, and went straight to “Toast” for some food. The jetlag is real. I can tell you! I manage to sleep to 07.00 am at least, (16.00 in Sweden) but woke up like 50 times during the night. Time to head out! Xx

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