Vip shopping i Örebro

20141118 17:32

På fredag kommer jag till Örebro och hostar ett shopping-eventPinkroom! Det var rätt länge sen nu som jag körde ett event med mina nagellack så tycker att det är på tiden att jag gör de! Självklart kommer jag mingla mer er under hela eventet, svara på frågor och ge er tips och jag är skit taggad då det alltid lika kul att få träffa er som läser bloggen! Så ni som är i närheten av Örebro på fredag, glöm inte att kika förbi! <3 Nu kör vi!!!


Beige, Brunettes and Tattoos

20141112 20:20
Skarmavbild 2014-11-12 kl. 13.16.00Skarmavbild 2014-11-12 kl. 13.16.11Skarmavbild 2014-11-12 kl. 12.58.53 Skarmavbild 2014-11-12 kl. 13.00.13 Skarmavbild 2014-11-12 kl. 13.00.47Skarmavbild 2014-11-12 kl. 13.00.34

My last 6 saved pictures in my mobile phone, and it can actually really explain whats going on in my head right now. Every time I see a hot brunette my mind is going crazy. I’ve been blond for 24 years (exept for my 2 month as ombre) but never tried chocolate brown, and I reeeaaaally want to! So bad, but I’m a little worried that I will regret it the next day. Well, I don’t know, maybe time will tell! ;) My other crush is tattoos! Big and all over the place. It will not happened, thats for sure but a henna tattoos is! Going to the west coast on friday to celebrate my besties 25th birthday and we boked a time on friday together! Not sure what I will do yet but I’m so exited, and I miss her like crazy! <3

Feather bracelet

20141111 16:30

1. HERE    2. HERE    3. HERE

Got a new crush on this feather bracelet from Syster P! As I said before accessories really makes the outfit!

I haven’t been writing so much lately, (sorry for that) but I will try to work that into my blog more somehow! I also promised a little explanation on how to wear my over knees as short boots, and I will, so hang in there girls! Besides that I also want to say that I love your response lately! You been so active in my comment field and you should know that I appreciate that a lot! <3