LIFE as i know it

20141130 2:45
FannyLyckman-grey4FannyLyckmanBedHead2FannyLyckman-summerburst2014-4FannyLyckman-roads5fannylyckmanps3-1-copy_200996221FannyLyckman-DailySnaps1Fannylyckman-selfie5FannyLyckman-NY-PhotodiaryKlar10Skarmavbild 2014-11-07 kl. 16.06.00IMG_2612-EditFannyLyckman-WhiteBandana6

Throwback saturday, or sunday maybe, it’s getting kinda late! I have to admit, this cold make me do more internet shopping then usual, picked out two packages from Nelly today! Ordred that Nike t-shirt I blogged about the other day and some bikinis for our trip to Marocko next weekend! I’m so exited! I can finally get some solid outfit posts to put up here on the blog. Xx

From LA to Vegas

20141128 12:44

Pics from our roadtrip between LA and Las Vegas last spring. 

I miss LA so much <3. Exactly 1 month left until I’ll be back where I belong. Talked with Daniella yesterday and we are going to rent a big house for New years in Palm Springs with 30 friend and having the the time of our lives! Can’t wait to see her again! Xx

Thanksgiving Dinner Party

20141127 14:57

Thanksgiving dinner with Hellmans last monday.

I can’t believe its already thursday! I know I’ve been so bad at blogging lately. The weather here in Stockholm is worse then ever. I think we had around 5 hours of sun this month, and the rain and the cold is making me go crazy! Only 9 days left for Marocko! Looking forward to se the sun again! Xx

Saint Laurent Paris

20141125 19:04
FannyLyckman-Saintlauren2FannyLyckman-Saintlauren1 copy

Photo: Madelen Holmström

Jeans from One teaspoon (similar HERE) / Heels from Mango / Watch from Larsson och Jennings / Sweater from Zara 


– A Saint Laurent Sac de jour bag! How amazing is this bag!? Raspberry red is such a sexy color! I realized that I’ve been very safe before in my color choice. Both my chanel, my prada and my old celine bag are all black. I was thinking about nude or grey first but this bag is not quite as big as my Prada so I can’t fit my macbook in it, so a bold and colorful choice felt just right this time. Still looking for the perfect nude that’s big enough to fit all my office stuff, but guess I’ll have to save up a little and wait! Xx