Brand New Nike’s

20141023 12:33

Top (buy HERE) and Shoes from NIKE!

Still sick in this stubborn cold, but shooting for a cover today so I had no choice then get it together and put some make up on! Shot some quick pics in my bed wearing my new nike’s yesterday! Got some comments and questions about where to get these beauties. I designed them on NikeID, customise your own HERE!

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  1. Fabienne on

    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen fanny……this pictures are soooooooooooooo freaking HOT !!!!! and you are sick??? and you look like this??? hahahha cant believe you are really a miracle. i think the one photo from this shoot is the most liked on ig ever. you look hot as hell. and i love the outfit also you actually only wearing a top and shoes :D but with this legs i would wear no pants also ;)

    you can really see that you train a loooot lately. you look absolutly amazing fanny. <3

    • Fanny Lyckman on

      Thank you soooo much babe! <3 Your always making be feel good! Thanks, haven’t been at the gym for 10 days now :( Soo sad, but starting to get better!! Xx


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