Sneak peek

20140927 21:00

Photo: Madelen Holmström

Här kommer en sneak peek på gårdagen. Passade på att klicka av några outfits ihop med Madde innan jag sprang vidare till kontoret! Tack alla som kom till Nacka forum idag och kollade på vår modevisning! Blir alltid lika glad över hur grymma ni är! <3


Translation: Here is a sneak peek från yesterday. Took the opportunity to shoot a couple of outfits with Madde before i hurried to the office. Thank you everybody who came out today at Nacka Forum and watched our fashion show. You guys are awesome!

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      • alexandra on

        Hi again, I fell in love with this pair of shoes can you make some more :))
        I’m kidding, the thing is that I looked everywhere in Copenhagen after something similar but I couldn’t find anything , can you tell me if you know a pair very similar to this one ? I would really appreciate it ! ( I mean you know how it feels when you fell in love with a piece of clothing and you can’t have it )


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