Breakfast in bed

20140903 9:05

Väskan inför NYC är så när som packad och shoppinglistan in the making. Är så kär i den här kimonon från Victorias Secret så gissar att en tredje kommer inta min garderob inom kort. Om 20 min går mitt plan till Göteborg so I need to get going! <3

Translation: I’m almost done packing for NYC and making a shoppinglist as we speak. Guess I will come home with an other one of these Victorias secret robes! Love them! In 20 min I’ll be leaving for Gothenburg and the event at Nelly! See you tomorrow! <3 

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  1. Fabienne on

    love the VS robe too…if i were you i would buy another one too ;) looks wonderful on you. have a nice time today and the upcoming days in NY *.* <3


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