STHLM FW – J. Lindeberg and Björn Borg

20140829 18:11

Waiting for Björn Borg to start.


Lisa and Julian.


J. Lindeberg.


Really like the material mix of leather and silk.


J. Lindeberg SS – 15


Angelica and Lisa


Björn Borg stod for the most creative show this year! The models where wearing masks and a lot of body makeup to look like, characters from a video game moving like robots, and the clothes and designs was actually a little out of the box.


More snaps from the first day at fashion week! Im so exhausted. This 3 days has been a loot of work, but of course as amazing as always! I got a lot of pictures for you guys so its more to come!

Happy friday every one! <3

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  1. Fabienne on

    SOOOO SICK that you took soo soo many pics for us <3 waaahh i love you for that…that is awesome…we are still on day one and you showed us soo many super nice pics and a lot of inspiration and you still have photos from 2 days left..wuhuuu. thank you soo soo soo much that you thought of taking a lot of pics…you are more active then ever lately and your blog is the absolut perfection. THANK YOU !!! enjoy the weekend and take a looog sleep tonight. <3


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