Thank you for this year

20140727 10:10

How great is the new design? I think it flawless. Over a year has past since we started imnext and I wanted to say thank you all so much for this year! You readers are amazing! As you can see our new member in the crew is Julian Hernandez (click)! Welcome love, where so happy to have you here at! I think your going to have the best time! <3

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  1. Dixi Wonderland on

    Gud va tiden har gått fort! Im Nest känns verkligen som den bästa portalen! High class med andra ord ;) Kul att ni utökar med nya bloggare :D Blir spännande att se vad som sker i framtiden!

  2. Fabienne on

    Ohhhh I LOVE IT…what a stunning, awesome and dope movie <3 I love you guys so much and i think its craaazy fun that julian is now a part of your team…i just discovered him recently through angelica and i thought that his style is awesome and even I, as a girl, got inspried through him. you and julian have sometimes a similar style in some outfits and i loooove it. so its super fun that you all are now one team :) <3 LOVE YOU !!!!!

  3. Diana on

    Wow, kollar igenom dina bilder och du är ju riktigt assnygg och klär dig coolt som fan, gillar speciellt håret du smyckar ut med hårband och keps etc! Bästa hittills i denna portal ;)


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