Venice beach

20140617 19:10

Rubrik-veniceFannyLyckman-venicePS1nyFannyLyckman-venicePS6FannyLyckman-venicePS5FannyLyckman-venicePS2FannyLyckman-venicePS3FannyLyckman-venicePS4Some forgotten snapshots from LA! Only 4 days left to my friend Daniella in coming home to Sweden, and I’m so exited to have her back for a few weeks. Our time in LA was the best and I miss her! <3

Schweppes drinkgenerator

20140614 17:12

schwepsrubrikFannyLyckman-schweppes-18FannyLyckman-schweppes-4FannyLyckman-schweppes-12FannyLyckman-schweppes-14FannyLyckman-schweppes-9FannyLyckman-schweppes-3Got this huge basket of goodies from Schweppes yesterday! They just launched this new thing called “The drink generator”, where you can get all the tools you need to be a kick ass bartender. Really helpful if you are, like me, used to do shots or wine and have no clue how to mix a good drink. The sun is shining and our party have already started! We’re going to Summerburst and I’m the Startender :) See you out there! <3 Xx

Check out the drink generator HERE.