Midsummer round 2

20140621 23:35

Rubrik-midsummerFannyLyckman-illestFannyLyckman-schweppes-4How is everybody doing today? I LOVE summertime. Everybody is out celebrating life. Were already on round 2, parting with my friend from LA! Last night was magic, classic swedish midsummer with good food, drinks,(I guess you all remember the drink generator? kinda going pro these days) music and a good time! Hope you all had a great weekend! <3

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  1. Fabienne on

    Why are you swedish girls all so perfect???? not only you fashionbloggers are stunning as hell but also all your friends…damn sweden is a paradise for men. have fun fanny <3

  2. Siri on

    Our miidsummer in Finland was pretty great too! :)
    Although the weather sucks right now, midsummer wasn’t as sunny and “summery” as it should have been.
    You look so beautiful and it seems you had a blast. And he drinks look delicious…. ;)


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