Nelly 10 years

20140528 15:23

Pics from the celebration of Nelly 10 years! I had such a great time, dancing and laughing until 5 in the morning. Best night ever!


20140527 11:02

Rubrik-bloggsnackSkarmavbild 2014-05-27 kl. 11.03.42För några veckor sedan gjorde jag en podcast med Frida Knape, som också är den grymma producenten bakom Kickstart! Du hittar den HÄR!

A swedish podcast I did a couple of weeks ago! Listen to it HERE.

H&M event

20140525 10:39

I know I said it before but thanks again for coming to the H&M event last week, I had such a great time and you are the sweetest readers a girl can have <3 For you who wasn’t able to come, -here comes a short video of the event!! Hope you’ll like it! Xx