the highway

20140429 14:10

FannyLyckman-roads1RubrikFannyLyckman-roads3 copyFannyLyckman-roads4FannyLyckman-LA-roadtrip2FannyLyckman-roads5Magical moments from our roadtrip on Highway 1. Feels like I’m getting the flu again!! My throat is hurting like hell and  my head feels heavy. Its the 4th time this year so its really starting to get on my nervs! Probably need to go to the doctor and get this shit sorted out! Hope you all feeling fine and enjoying the good weather! Xx

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  1. Fabienne on

    Oh no get well soon!! go to the doctors…so you can get rit of it and enjoy the good weather too no need to be sick if you can go to the doctor who can help you…so move your ass there ;) :D

    and pls tell me where did you get those sick jeans??? they are perfect!!!!! :-*


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