Barbie pink

20140226 23:34

Barbie Pink! Got this bikini top from Gina Tricots press offices right before I left for Lanzarote for the shooting of “Kickstart” the workout reality show that will be released now in march! Don’t think you can find it in store yet, but I found some options for you below!

Had the best workout today, the kind when you really feel like nothing can stop you. Caught the flu right after our trip to London so haven’t really been working out since the camp, so it felt so good today to be back on track! Only 2 weeks left now until I’ll be heading of to LA for 3 weeks of crazy fun!


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  1. Gianna on

    waaaaah I love the top and the BULL PRINT KIMONO you put in one link…its sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my style is normaly not so hippi like, but i like that komino though and i think it would look sooo cool with a jeans hotpans and a crop top or something like this. :) so thanks for finding that piece :)

    and ah btw just to let you know: i will pick you up on the day when you travell to LA i will just crawl in your suitcase and smuggle myself on the flight to LA :D
    (Iam f***** jealous. i want to LA tooo!!!!! first lanzarote and now LA…really fanny???) :D

  2. Stina on

    Ditt ansikte är helt fantastiskt vackert!!! Jag hela du är såklart snygg men som makeupartist tittar man extra på ansikten har jag märkt :)


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