Merry X-mas

20131225 20:14

God Jul allihop! Jag är ledsen för sämre uppdatering men jag har haft ett par fantastiska dagar med mina nära och kära. Hoppas ni haft en magisk jul!

Translation: Merry Christmas everyone! I’m sorry for the bad update, but I’ve had a wonderful couple of days with my close ones. Hope you guys had a magical holiday!


12 Responses to “Merry X-mas”

  1. Adelina on

    God jul på dig!:)
    Jag undrar om det kommer in fler av dem vita supersnygga trill sneakersen på Nelly av din nya kollektion?

  2. Gianna on

    merry merry christmas lovely girl. dont be sorry for the bad update…christmas is about to spend time with people you love and Im happy to hear you had wonderful days. your blog should be fun for you and not a compulsion =))))

    have nice holidays. much love xx enjoy!

  3. Shirley on

    Happy Christmas, Fanny! Wishing you countless laughter and happiness during the holiday within your family and friends!! Hope we can see more inspirational outfit pictures from you in the new year. So keep up and enjoy your holiday!!

    Kisses and hugs from Ireland!



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