Summer in the city

20131128 18:18

Gick igenom gamla bilder från arkivet och bestämde mig för att köra igång en “Throwback thursday”. Jag minns så väl när jag tog dessa. Det var i slutet av maj sommaren 2012 och jag hade tagit hela veckan ledigt för att ligga på bryggan och sola. det förmodligen den bästa veckan på hela sommaren.

Translation: I’m throwing a “Throwback thursday” from now on! This is one of my favorite summer shoots. I remember this week so well! It was the last week in may 2012 and it was probably the best summer week that year!

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  1. Kia on

    Does your hair naturally has this structure and look like this? or do you style it this way? If the last one, please please ggive me some advice how to do that. It looks so amazing! <3

  2. Susanna Vesna on

    I saw one of these photos once on some website & didn’t even know it was you! So amazing ur that famous! Also I met this Swedish stylist in Dubai & told her that ur my favourite blogger, she was so happy to hear that! :D


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