20130725 10:13

ChicJag är nominerad till Årets Chicaste bloggare i årliga gala. Jag hade blivit så glad om ni ville rösta på mig! Ni kan rösta HÄR. (Scrolla bara ner och klicka i Fanny Lyckman) Tack så mycket!

Translation: I’m nominated for the Chicest Blogger-price at the annual Chic gala this year. It would make me so happy if you wanted to vote for me! You can do it HERE. (Just scroll down and click Fanny Lyckman and you’re done) Thank you!



20130719 20:51

FannyLyckmanStylight10FannyLyckmanNelly2 FannyLyckmanStylight13FannyLyckmanStylight12FannyLyckmanStylight11FannyLyckmanStylight9FannyLyckmanStylight4FannyLyckmanStylight8FannyLyckmanStylight7FannyLyckmanStylight2FannyLyckmanStylight14Recap from yesterdays app-lanuch-party for Stylight at their new headquarter in Munich. Did some press and met with some really cool bloggers from France and Germany among others. We had burgers and took polaroid pics. Then we wen’t back to the hotel and ordered room service at 01:30, haha.

You should check their new app out, it’s like instagram but with the option of buying the clothes on each picture!