20121126 23:27

leggings from adidas –

So sorry that I haven’t been updating for a while!! I’ve been roadtrippin’ a little… Among other things…

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  1. shsyshsysh on

    whay are you saying homo? I remember to read quite a few of posts stating what harley had said was false, or I don’t believe, things like that.
    have you understood what I have written? I am not defending to harley at all, I don’t like the censoring (I got posts deleted too), I am stating facts as I remember them. You have serious problems of understanding, what is more vegan=idiot in your thought. This forum have the same moral level as 30bad, probably less because insulting is such a daily form of “communication”.
    a word comes to my mind, hypocrisy, at the highest level.
    I am wasting my time writing here.
    Don’t worry these kind of childish and immature behaviours happen in vegan forums too.


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