Celine Paris

20120807 18:46

necklace from nelly / tshirt from

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  1. Caroline on

    I just can’t find this tee shirt in the web side romwe . Do you know how I can get it please .

    You are gorgeous ! I love you style

  2. Bemsy on

    Hello lovely,

    I’d like to ask your permission to use the first photo on my blog. I will of course make it clear that it is your photo. I am writing a blog post about Romwe but cannot find a photo from their website of this particular t-shirt.

    You can email me at [email protected]

    Much love,
    Bemsy x

  3. Jade Lee on

    Amazing. Love your style.

    Please could you put the link to this shirt, as I cannot find it anywhere?

    Thank you

    London fan



  4. Bene on

    Im searching for a christmaspresent for my girlfriend celine. So please help me by show me the link to buy this tshirt and the chain.

  5. uinme on

    my name is kathleen we would love for my husband to go some were warm i get sicker please enter me in all prizes available thank you kathy and dale

  6. Milan on

    Ma daboga crkli svi vi pajseri koji nosite ova govna preizvikana…. ne imali nikad roda ni poroda i dabogda vam roditelji pocrkali najgorom smrcu! Mrs jebem vam mater botovsku!


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